Accessibility Statement

The Development Team focuses on front-end accessibility for the 1.x series of releases of Avansys.

Please note that while Avansys will provide the ability to deliver WCAG compliant sites, many requirements depend on the template designers or content managers.

Back end (admin)

While we will incorporate as many accessibility “features” in the back-end as possible, the technical changes required to reach WCAG compliance at this point would involve an extensive re-write of the code. It would be counter-productive to do this now, as a such a re-write is planned for the 2.x series.

The back-end or administration area of a Avansys driven site is not a public area. Unless your administrators have accessibility requirements themselves, the reduced compliance on the back-end will not impact your organisation/site accessibility levels.

Avansys.com Web site

Current situation

While we are committed to accessibility, we are aware, and regret, that our website does not comply with many WCAG/508 requirements, nor does it currently validate with XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The site is Avansys based, and as such, will be compliant when Avansys meets requirements.

Future plans

We are dedicated to complying with current web standards (XHTML, CSS, WCAG/508) and best practices. This will become possible as the Avansys engine addresses known issues.

Existing content created before the implementation of Avansys v3 may not be properly marked up. Efforts may be made to revise and edit that content, depending on time constraints.

New content will be properly marked up.

Third party applications

In some situations, Avansys will require the use of 3rd party applications to assist with the functions of the website. Features such as this were not programmed by the Avansys development team. While we will aim to improve accessibility to those parts of our website, compliance remains outside of our control.