Vision and Values


Avansys was founded on a simple vision: to provide highest quality of products and services through quality, cost-effective and innovative IT services and solutions.

To provide our employees challenges, growth opportunities and an environment that inspires creativity.


Commitment to customers

Avansys is committed to providing highest value by providing excellence in products and outstanding service at the lowest cost.

Pursuit of Excellence

Avansys is committed to striving for excellence by constantly engineering change that produces exceptional for our customers.

Professional Growth

Avansys is committed to enhancing professional career growth of our employees by providing them with new opportunities and challenges.


Avansys is committed to delivering innovation for products we deliver and excellence in service we provide at the lowest cost.


Avansys is based on honest, openness and integrity in our communications and our business processes.

Social Causes

Avansys believes in social responsibility and commitment to social issues that enhance community welfare. Therefore we participate and encourage our staff in volunteering for social causes.